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J Bryan Rees

Negative Consequences

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Negative Consequences

            I believe that it is important for teachers and students to agree on what consequences should be invoked and when for what misbehaviors.  However, I have a general outline of the progression of how negative consequences will be instituted.

I.          As an initial measure, I will use body language (including eye contact, posture, physical proximity, tone of voice, and facial expressions).


II.                 If body language is ineffective, I will remind student(s) verbally what rule is being broken and remind them of the consequences that will be implemented if they choose to persist in the misbehavior.


III.               If, after the verbal reminder, the misbehavior continues, I will invoke whatever consequence we have agreed upon as a class, whether it be time out or detention or whatever is commonly used in the school.


IV.              If the problem still persists, I will contact the student(s) parents to work out a plan for solving the problem and to elicit their help in enforcing good behavior.


V.                 If, after invoking negative consequences and contacting the parents, the student continues to misbehave, he/she will be asked to leave the class.


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