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J Bryan Rees

Positive Consequences

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Positive Consequences

            For my first year I would like to try a system of Preferred Activity Time (PAT) that is gained through improvement shown on homework, tests, and quizzes both individually and as groups.  Under this system, a certain number of PAT points will be given for improvement displayed (a point for every five points improvement on a test, for example) such that the PAT will be awarded when a threshold is reached (perhaps every ten PAT points for individuals and every fifteen points for groups).  PAT points may also be earned as an entire class for things like everyone turning in their homework, being well behaved as a class, and any other types of rewardable behaviors that are displayed across the board.  I feel that this (in conjunction with an incentive that the students originate and agree upon) will help to motivate students not necessarily to be the best, but rather, to always be improving.

Negative Conquences