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J Bryan Rees

Preventive and Supportive Discipline

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Preventive Discipline Measures

            I will attempt to minimize misbehavior in my classroom by:


            I.          I will work to make lessons engaging for the students in order to promote

student involvement in learning and to minimize the opportunity for misbehavior (if students are interested and actively engaged in what they are learning, then there will be little to no time for messing around).


II.                 I will arrange the classroom in such a way that the students will able to see

one another clearly and such that I am able to see all students clearly (preferably a semicircle).  Though this may promote more off-topic discussions, it will make identifying and addressing misbehavior much easier.


III.               I will minimize the amount of distracting material in the classroom while

trying to maintain a balance with making the classroom a comfortable place to be (not barren and clinical).


IV.              I will be in contact with the students parents by sending home our agreed

upon classroom rules to be signed by the parents and returned, by making positive phone calls to parents regarding students successes in class, and by periodically sending home reports that outline the students progress in class.



Supportive Discipline Measures

            I will help students to discipline themselves by means of allowing them to devise and agree upon their own classroom rules and consequences, and particularly by means of the first two steps in Negative Consequences above.  I will use eye contact, physical proximity, and verbal reminders to allow students the chance to modify their own behavior without invoking consequences.


Corrective Discipline