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J Bryan Rees

My Philosophies of Teaching and Learning
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My Philosophies of Teaching and Learning
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      I.                    All human beings are educable.


II.                 There are no bad people (students or teachers), but everybody has bad days.


III.               Its true, everybody is different but everybody wants to have fun.


IV.              Learning is proportional to effort and effort is proportional to desire.


V.                 Intelligence is not static.  It can grow and develop through the acquisition and application of new skills and information.  Therefore, there is no I am not smart enough; only I am getting smarter.


VI.              Learning is a lifelong process.  It does not start and stop in ninety minute blocks nor end at the completion of twelve years.  Consequently, the teacher should be the learner as much as the learners should be the teachers.


VII.            Many things that are learned are not meant to be taught.  Therefore, be mindful that you lead by example.


VIII.         Doing for the sake of doing is the virtue of the worker.  Learning for the sake of learning is the virtue of the intellectual.  Doing for the sake of learning is the virtue of both teacher and student.


IX.              Teachers can and do make a difference.