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J Bryan Rees

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Golden Triangle Logarithmic Spiral

I.                    Homework is not assigned according whim.  All questions are chosen with

deliberation and care such that the students may achieve the best and most appropriate practice with the manipulation and application of the skill and/or information being learned.

   II.                 As a result, all students are expected to complete all homework assignments in full and to turn them in on their assigned date in the bin provided for that purpose.


III.               Late homework will not be accepted with one and only one exception: excused absence.


IV.              Any student who is absent (with excuse), upon their return, is responsible for learning what assignment(s) were missed.  The student then has as many days as they were absent to complete those assignments and to place them in their appropriate bin. 


For example, if a student is absent due to illness on a Friday, when they return on Monday, they are responsible to find out what assignments they missed.  The assignments must then be completed in full and turned in by the beginning of class on the following Wednesday (Tuesday representing the one day missed).


If absence is anticipated, students are strongly advised to get their homework assignments prior to being gone.


V.                 All homework assignments will be graded for correctness (no credit will be given for completion) and will comprise somewhere in the vicinity of ten to twenty percent of the grade for the course (see course syllabus for further information).