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J Bryan Rees

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A Peculiar Relationship Between Crop Circles and Sacred Geometry


            As a first year teacher, I do not have previous years experience to draw


on in developing my classroom management plan.  I say this only to point out


that though I have a plan it is, as yet, not set in stone.  Though I do not believe


that any teacher could include every possible aspect of classroom management


in their first plan, I do believe strongly in two overarching ideas.  These are:  1)


students have the right to learn in an environment that is positive and safe both


physically and mentally, and 2) teachers have the right to teach in an environment


where students are respectful and attentive.  Every rule that is instituted in my


classroom will be directed toward the assurance of these rights.


Classroom Rules

            Though I will work together with students to derive the classroom rules, allowing them the vast majority of say in what those rules will be, I have several that I will require regardless of whether or not the students derive them on their own as I think that they are essential for the upholding of the rights of students and teachers just mentioned.  These are:

I.                    All school-wide rules hold.  No student or teacher has the power to dispose of these rules; they will therefore comprise the foundations for my classroom rules.


II.                 Both teachers and students should be considerate of others at all times.


III.               Do your best work and turn it in on time (dont forget to put your name on it)!


IV.              Be in class, in your seat, and ready to work when the bell rings; anything less will be considered tardy.


V.                 The bell does not mean class is over.  Students will remain quiet and seated until dismissed.

Positive Consequences